thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me! please navigate the below links for more information, such as pricing, TOS and examples.
my commissions are always open, but vary by different commission type.


all of my prices are in USD.
all payments must be upfront through paypal, and i will not start until i have received the payment. you must send me your paypal address for an invoice. we can discuss other options if you need!
if you know me IRL you may ask to pay with cash.
if you would like to pay through other means (ACNH, roblox, games, gift cards, or other virtual payments) please message me and we can discuss something. please note these conversions MUST be 1-1, and i'm not likely to accept payment other than cash unless i offer/ask first.
feel free to ask for a quote if you're curious!
you may also ask about other commission types if you're unsure.


furries, anthros, feral, animals of any kind.
humans, humanoid, monsters, etc.
complex designs/backgrounds. (additional charges apply)
ship/romantic art.
gore. (please ask about severity!)

my experience and capability of drawing something will vary. complexity (such as armor, mechs, etc.) will often raise the price.


vore, kink, or any NSFW. (SFW ONLY.)
realistic gore.
realism or style mimicking.
pedophilia/loli/incest or any other immoral/'borderline' illegal content.
bigotry such as racism, homo/transphobia, etc. NO HATE SPEECH OF ANY KIND.

this may apply to things that aren't directly listed as well. please contact me to ask if you're unsure.


please ask me if you'd like to see progress shots. i usually will not provide them unless asked, especially for smaller commission types or flash icons/pagedolls/etc.
i'm willing to make small adjustments for no cost, however if you ask for larger adjustments (major changes to lineart, shading, coloring, markings, etc) it will cost an additional fee of up to $20 depending on the commission type and it's severity. if it's a detail that's noted to be required on the refsheet or in your commission request however, i will fix it for free since that is my own fault. details that can easily be mistaken as a stylistic choice, however, can come at a cost.


do NOT resell my designs for more than you purchased them for unless you purchased additional art. if they were gifted to you do NOT sell them, only gift unless you purchased/traded for additional art. art trades/payments do not count as monetary worth.
you, the owner, are free to redesign and do as you please with the design as long as it doesn't violate my TOS in any way, shape or form.
no one, under any circumstances, may copy/trace/color pick my designs. if you insist on taking inspiration, please contact me directly for approval so we can work through it together.
do not, under any circumstances, associate my designs with pedophilia/cp/racism/antisemitism/(trans)misogyny/TERFs/transphobia/homophobia/etc. this includes designs linked to or inspired by characters or media that fall under any of these categories. if the design is inspired by an underaged character, DO NOT produce NSFW of them unless you DRASTICALLY and visibly separate them from their 'source media' and age them up.


all payments are final. i do not offer partial or full refunds once a commission has been ordered, and i will only offer a full refund if i find myself incapable of finishing the commission.
you may ask or get in touch about a refund if it's been more than 3 months since you ordered and i haven't given you any updates, and circumstantially i may give you a full refund.
i will NEVER take off with your money. i will always get your commission back to you, and i only deny refunds because of my own financial situation.
it's important to note that commissions are my only source of income, and i am very financially insecure. delays only come from mental or physical health complications. i will often keep in touch.


only the owner of the character(s), or the commissioner in terms of fanart commissions, may use the commission. you (the commissioner) may repost with credit, and use it however you want! never claim it as yours. you may make edits to the piece, but ask before making major changes.this applies to any other piece of art you've received from me as well, including but not limited to: art trades, requests, or gifts.NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, ARE MY COMMISSIONS TO BE USED FOR NFTS. fuck you


i hold the right to decline, turn down, or refund you for any commission i may not be comfortable with, ESPECIALLY if it falls under any of the things listed under the 'won't draw' category.
i hold the right to block/blacklist anyone from purchasing or receiving art from me for any reason.
i additionally hold the right to use any finished commissions as examples for my commission types and hold the ability to post them publicly on social media.
my commissions are, and always will be, a safe and encouraging space for anyone who is BIPOC, LGBT, disabled, neurodivergent/mentally ill, or a part of any other minority.
if you have an issue with this, my commissions are not for you. you are not welcome here.
my dms are always open if you have questions or concerns.

updated 12/10/2021


by ordering a commission from me, you are agreeing to my TOS. please make sure to read through it thoroughly before placing an order, thank you!
typically, you can expect my turnaround time to be anywhere between 1 week at the soonest to 2 months at the latest, depending on my queue, your order, + my IRL situation.
you may always ask or check in if you're unsure, but it's safe to expect the shorter end of waiting.


EXTRA?: (opt) include extra info here, such as poses, backgrounds (if any), etc!


EXTRA?: (opt) include extra info here, such as personality, color palettes, etc!


you can DM me on any of the following sites (in order of how soon i'll see/respond):

you may also contact me on discord. DM me privately for my info.
or, alternatively, send me an email at [email protected] (business inqueries ONLY).